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Link building is still an important aspect of search engine optimization and internet marketing. Over the last couple of years, SEO has changed tremendously and many claim that SEO is dead. Do a simple search online for “SEO is dead” and you will see what I’m talking about.

To assure you, it’s not dead, but it evolved together with link building on your website. Link building is not only just about the quality of links you can generate for your website and blog, but also the speed at which they were acquired. How fast you are building links is an important part of link building and can clearly show if there are any consistency with your SEO efforts.

How fast you are building links is called the “link acquisition rate”. This measure showcases at which rate new links are acquired and discovered by the search engines. To have a steady rate is the best as it shows consistency. If you are busy doing a competitor analysis and you found that one of your competitors has much more links than you, if you decide to all of a sudden counter this and also generate thousands of links, your link acquisition rate will show that you had few links building up to this, and this is clearly a sign of inconsistency.

Google and all the other search engines will notice this and will most likely put an x behind your domain name. Remember, SEO should never be used to “trick” the search engines. This never works. So it’s always best to build your links over a period of time so that it looks natural.

Majestic SEO is an excellent online tool that you can use to check the number of links that are discovered each month. It’s a free report and shows a graphic rate on the links that were discovered. This report can also show you which websites are acquiring the most links over a short period of time.

Link building is still an awesome way to build authority, credibility, and trust with SEO. Build your links wisely.