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Of all the social networking platforms, Google Plus is perhaps the least understood by consumers and businesses alike. While many marketers are quick to write it off as a ghost town, Google Plus is actually the second largest social site with over 300 million monthly users. While this pales in comparison to social media giant Facebook, Google Plus has another ace up its sleeve to attract businesses – Plus Post ads.

What are Plus Post Ads?

As the name would suggest, Plus Post ads promote various Google+ posts such as videos, articles and even Hangouts. Instead of only showing it within the social site though, these Plus Post ads will run on third-party sites that take part in the Google Display Network (GDN). As the number one display ad network, the GDN has over 1 trillion impressions and serves over 1 billion users monthly, which means Plus Post ads have the highest potential to increase your visibility and reach.

What sets these ads apart from the more standard online ads is its interactivity. You are actually using your Plus Posts as ads, not just static copy. Visitors logged into their Google Plus account can +1, share and even comment directly on the ad without ever leaving the site they’re currently on. You can see these results real-time on your posts and can even respond to comments. Companies like Toyota have seen a 50 percent higher engagement rate than the industry standard for rich media ads.

Get Started with Plus Post Ads

Before you decide to jump in, be advised that only brands with 1,000 followers can take advantage of this service. If you don’t have that many followers, you should focus on improving your efforts to get more attention and expand your circles. The infographic below can give you more information on the benefits of Plus Post ads and the right way to set up your first Plus Post engagement ad.Google Plus Post Ads