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Getting the best results from your website

Your website design should always encourage your visitors to take action. Even though the 3 legged stool strategies are old, it is very important to plan your website strategy. A good website that converts needs to support 3 strategies.

The 3 strategies consists of a deep understanding of your targeted audience, how you are going to deliver something of value to your visitors that they will find interesting, and a steady flow of prospects that will find value in what you offer.

Getting the best results from your website: Website design strategy

  • Target audience
  • Conversions
  • Consistent traffic

Target audience: Do you really understand why your website visitors are coming to your website? What are their needs and motivation? What problems are they looking to solve? Where are they from – demographic wise? Do you know their education, sex, age, etc? It is important that you understand your website audiences’ motivations. Your goal should always be to present a solution that clearly solves the issue that they are having.

Conversions: The solution on your website should always try to solve your visitor’s problems. Make it clear, visible and compelling your home page. Try to design a clear selling sequence with a path of action to take (sales funnel). Take time to answer any questions that they might have. You can also design trust elements into the website to lessen their fears of doing business with you.

Consistent traffic: Decide where you want your website traffic to come from before you launch your website. This could be form PPC advertising, organic SEO, social media channels, email marketing or some other marketing method. The important thing to remember is to bring interested and qualified visitors to your website.

Once you have planned your website, setup a measurement process such as Google Analytics. Establish the key metrics you will be tracking and then chart these on a regular basis so that you can monitor your progress.