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It’s a fact that businesses today are using the internet in many ways to generate leads and to close sales. You can’t just have a normal static website anymore that is only there for to showcase your brochure. You need a business website that can grab your target audience attention and make them want to take an action. This is the foundation of internet marketing.

To get a business website to help you reach your goals, you have to convince and offer your visitors the best solution to their problem or queries. Once they have arrived on your website, guide them on what you would like them to do next. Sounds hard? It’s not. Find a couple of tips below that can help you with this.

Website visitors conversion tips

  • Who’s your best buyers? Focus on your best visitors and optimised your business website with the keywords that will appeal to them. These keywords are usually specific and to the point. Use these in your headlines and content where they can be seen. If you are focus on local sales, use local keywords.
  • Attention: Your visitors will arrive on your website because they have a problem to solve. Show they them you have the best solution for their needs.
  • Competitors: How are you different than your competitors? Make this stand out so that it can be easily seen. What advantages does your products and services have that are better than your competitors?
  • Trust: If you are serious in standing out online, you have to build trust with your visitors. Use affiliated logos where they can be seen. Also add association logos that you belong to on your site.
  • Contact information: Make your contact information clearly visible on every page of your website. Use your address and telephone number in the footer of your website where your visitors can always view it.
  • Call to action: Have clear call to actions tied to a sales funnel where you can guide your visitors on what you would like them to do.

Your website is a business tool that can convert your visitors into buyers. Focus on who you are targeting to get the best results.