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Have you ever done keyword research before?  Have you ever struggled finding the right keywords for your website or any other internet marketing campaign? Did you know that you can get keywords from your direct competition?  What keywords and keyword phrases are they using? Are they relevant to your business?

When looking at your competition to get keywords ideas, write down the best ones and then use one of the many available keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword tool that is available for free.  Once you have found the best keywords and phrases to use, use these in your website, blog and link building strategy.

Find a couple of tips below on how you can get keyword ideas from your competition.

Keyword ideas from your competition

Competition website: Visit your competition’s website and other online profiles.  Have a look at the title and meta tags that they are using. Look at the page headlines and any other heading (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>) that they use on their website. This will give you a good indication for which phrases they are trying to rank for. Write down the keywords that are the most relevant to your business.

Keyword tools: Use tools such as opensiteexplorer.org to find the phrases that your competitors are ranking for at the moment. Most of the tools online to check your competitor’s results will show you their PPC (Pay Per Click) and organic phrases. Use these keywords that applies to your business.

Anchor text: What are the keywords your competitors are using in their link building efforts? These are also important keywords because they are trying to rank for these.  You can also use the tool mentioned above (Open Site Explorer) to help you find the phrases that they are targeting.

Keywords: Once again, use a keyword research tool to find the phrases that your competition are using. Look at the factors such as competing pages, search volume and relevancy.

Using the above methods can help you start with your keyword research campaign by looking at what your competitors are busy doing with their internet marketing efforts.