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This is the first post in a series where I will be explaining on how you can maximize your social media efforts. The first channel we will be talking about is Twitter.

If you are already busy with a social media marketing strategy, you most likely decided to do it for specific reasons. I’m a business owner and I’m sure if you are one that you decision was made because you want to increase the ROI of your online marketing efforts. It used to be the trend that you should have a social media strategy in place. Today, the trend is all about keeping your campaign alive and healthy.

With your campaign, are you actually engaging with your audience in real time or are you just doing it for the sake of doing it? If you are not getting any new followers and likes on your social media profiles, chances are very good that you are not implementing it correctly so that it can work for you.

On Twitter, if you are interested in gaining more targeted followers that can help you reach your business goals, here’s a couple of tips that will help you get started.

  • Don’t let your profiles turn into a ghost town. Be active and engage with your audience. Try to post and update your profiles on a daily basis.
  • Regularly publish content on your blog that you own. The more owned media you have, the better.
  • Schedule your updates if you are too busy to post on a daily basis. Most of the social media channels allows you to schedule posts.
  • Be social. Engage with people that you would like to add to your network. A great way to achieve this if you engage with brand ambassadors in your industry. Target the influential people.
  • Respond when people mention and comment on your posts.

These tips might seem simple, and they are, but the trick is to be consistent with your campaign.