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LinkedIn is a powerful social networking channel that is considered as the most professional social media channel. This powerful social network allows you to find new business and make connections in the process at a much faster pace than you could ever achieve with traditional offline networking.

Networking on this channel doesn’t cost a single cent…only your time. In today’s digital business world, being connected online really goes a long way. It’s very important to remember that this networking channel is excellent for reaching people, not a one way broadcasting medium.

To start generating business out of LinkedIn, here’s a couple of steps to get started with your social media marketing strategy.

LinkedIn business networking tips

Complete your profile: Make a point to complete your profile on LinkedIn so that it highlights your experience and expertise in your niche. Your LinkedIn profile should look professional and showcase what you stand for. Include links to your qualifications, your website, blog, and other social media channels on your profile.

Invitations: If you are new to LinkedIn, start connecting with people by sending out invitations to your collegues, friends, and customers. Look at with who they are connected to and invite interesting people to your networking. If you are looking for people in a specific niche or professional circle, use the advanced search to find them.

Networking: Use LinkedIn groups to connect and network with like minded individuals. Ask questions that would interest and start a conversation to the people you want to connect with.

Target people: Use the advanced search functionality of LinkedIn to search for specific people you want to connect with.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking channel that you can use to generate business from. Tie your LinkedIn strategy with your business goals and find ways how you can reach those goals. Again, this is not a one way broadcasting channel. It works both ways. Use it to engage directly with the people you want to be connected with.