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Did you know that you can use popular social bookmarking channels like digg, Delicions, Stumbleupon, and even Google bookmarks to generate website traffic and to get your content indexed faster? When you bookmark your content, visitors of these channels will discover your content and visit your website or blog. Google will also be able to discover your content faster because these channels have a high ranking on Google. With social bookmarking you can develop a strong readership that will be interested in what you write and publish. This is very powerful social media marketing strategy.

Social bookmarking is a way of saving your favourite news stories, blog posts, and content on a channel by tagging your content with specific tags. If your content is unique and valuable others will see your bookmarks the same way that you can see and interact with theirs. This allows you to organize your bookmarks similar to the bookmarking system on your favourite browser. At a later stage, if you want to visit any of your bookmarks, you can access them from any computer, tablet or smartphone. People are searching on popular social bookmarking channels for new and interesting content all the time. Take advantage of this.

Here’s a couple of social bookmarking tips to help your get started.

Social bookmarking tips

  • Profile: Create profiles on popular social bookmarking channels and optimize your account to include information about you and a link to your website.
  • Content widget: Make it easy to social bookmark your content by adding social sharing options to your content and blog posts.
  • Be active: Don’t focus on only bookmarking your own content. Share other relevant content as well.
  • Magnetic content: If your content is unique, relevant, and valuble, it will have the ability to be shared by anyone that reads it. Focus on only publishing content that is magnetic.

Social bookmarking is a great way that you can use to generate website traffic. Use it strategically and you will reap the rewards.