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There are millions of websites online right at this moment – all with content that is indexed. How are you going to get your website be seen in the crowded space online? What internet marketing strategies exist that you can use to drive targeted and unique traffic to your website that has the ability to convert into customers?

It’s a fact that one website strategy will not cut it. You need multiple website traffic generating strategies to attract the right kind of visitors to your website that will convert. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This will reduce your risk of being see online. Find a couple of tips below on how you can start optimising your internet marketing strategy to generate traffic.

Internet traffic generating strategies

SEO: Search engine optimisation means optimising your physical website onsite and offsite so that you can get good rankings organically on Google for the keywords your users are typing into Google. This should always be the focus point of all of your marketing strategies as organic traffic is still the best traffic out of all the digital marketing strategies.

Local search: Advertise your website on local directories, newspapers, and classifieds. The more you get your website out there where people can see it, the better it will be for your business. Add your website to online directories where it can wield SEO traffic. Even though many will claim this is a bad way of advertising, local directories can be gold to your business.

Blogging: Add a blog to your website where you can regularly publish interesting articles that your target audience will read and share with their own communities. Blogging can be extremely powerful for SEO when done correctly. Never spam and focus always first on your readers – never the search engines.

Paid advertising: PPC or paid advertising can be done by bidding on specific keywords. PPC/Sponsored ads are the results you usually first see on search engine result pages. With PPC, you only pay when a visitor clicks on an add and visits your website.

Social media: This includes blogging to a degree. It involves becoming social active on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.