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Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting which is part of online marketing is done with a purpose and it involves the writing of content to convince the search engines and website visitors. With SEO copywriting, targeted keywords and phrases are used in the content so that the search engines can take note of this. It’s not only meant for search engines, but your visitors as well because the words you use should be useful to the person reading the content.

To be effective with this style of copywriting, you need to understand what attracts your target audience and what type of content will draw attention with them. Website visitors are looking for answers and solutions to their problems. Can your website content provide them with the answers they are looking for? With SEO copywriting it’s possible. How do you start? Start with a plan on the pages you would like use SEO copywriting on. Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started.

SEO copywriting tips

What is the purpose: What is the purpose of the the specific page you are trying to optimize with SEO copywriting? Can it be used in your sales funnel? See below

Do you have a sales funnel? What do you want your visitors to do after they have read the content? Outline the process you would like your visitors to take when they read your optimized content. This will give you a good indication on what parts to optimize on your pages.

Keywords: Which keywords are you going to use in the specific page you are trying to optimise? Can it be used in the message you would like to tell your readers?

SEO copywriting sounds easy, but not addressing the 3 tips above can cost you dearly. Make sure you write for the search engines and the visitors that will be reading your content. Good content should convince and educate your readers.