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Does your website design bring out emotion with your visitors? Does it only rely on using statistics and facts? Every website should have its own personality and be unique. It could be playfully fun or formal to the point. It can be terribly blunt or even not say anything at all.

On your website, building the right personality can help you convince, connect and convert your visitors into buyers. You can use your website’s personality to shape the experience of your visitors, build likability and trust. Personality on your website builds the emotional connection that will cause your visitors to hear what you are saying.

Here’s a couple of tips that can help you build emotion into your website.

Website emotion

Design: The initial impression is formed in the first few seconds when a visitor is on your website. This is based on the visual layout, color and images you are using. Typography can help you with personality. Disorganized and cluttered page will drive your visitors away.

Trust: It is all about the trustworthiness of your website. This is the overall combination of your message, tone, and design all working together.

Clarity: Is your website message clearly understandable? Is it easy to navigate your site? Are the page formatted for scanning? Does the headline and page titles announce your purpose?

Tone: Do you impress others with your expertise? Do you use an angry voice when communication? Is your content lighthearted? How you write your content can create an emotional connection with your visitors.

Memorable: Does your website excite and inspire? Is your website boring and dull? Does it solve a problem?

When you are planning your website, decide how you want to connect with your visitors. The overall personality you impact is creating your online brand. This should not distract but enhance from your offer.