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Is social networking (Web 2.0) really important for my internet marking strategy? Could it be a permanent campaign or just another trend in our online culture? Should my business embrace social networking and make it part of my internet marketing campaign? Social networking started out as a teenage craze, but an ever increasing number of businesses are putting it work to build up their brand credibility.

In my experience, social networking is here to stay as it is part of the human dynamic. Social media marketing keeps on growing everyday with people to people networks. In the early days of the internet, forums allowed for interaction with one another, collaboration, and discussions. This is a long term trend towards changing the web into a more socializing playground.

Social networking = conversations

The word “conversations” is exactly the translation of “social networking”. It is using Web 2.0 technology to facilitate interaction through the use of conversations with people. Social networking is a skill that internet marketers needs to develop in order to stay ahead of what is happening right now in the marketing circles. It is becoming more a target of customer service and communicating with clients in more strategic and interactive ways. As a result of this trend, smart internet marketers are taking advantage of this trend and deepening their relationships with their existing customers.

What does the future hold for social networking? The growth seems to be gearing towards mobile social networking. The use of smartphones, and tablets continues to grow. You can now check the online profiles of all who’s involved with your next meeting directly from your mobile device.

Whatever the future for social networking holds, it is becoming the basis for interacting and communication. On our social media strategies, social networking plays a big role because it can sit you directly in from of targeted people you want to reach and connect to.