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There are so many social media sites on the internet that is it easy to feel overwhelmed by your options. A lot of marketers either become so confused that they don’t take on any social media, which is a terrible mistake, or they try to take on all the big social media sites at once, which inevitably leads to frustration and burnout.

So how can you make good social media decisions for your business?

The first thing to figure out is what kind of media is going to connect with your target audience the best. For example, if quick text blurbs are going to snag attention well, then sites such as Twitter and Wooxie may be where your attention should go. If pictures are going to showcase your products best, then sites such as Tumblr may be perfect.

If audio and video is where your message is going to shine, then you ought to be on iTunes and YouTube. Last but not least, Facebook and Google+ are great for just about any medium, but will likely take more of your time than other social sites.

Once you figure out your preferred medium, you can start figuring out which social media sites you enjoy using. Different people seem to get into the groove with different social sites. Some love Facebook and do quite well with it, while others can’t get traction on Facebook no matter what they do. Some marketers are amazing with videos on YouTube, while others bomb every time they upload something.

Figuring out which social sites are right for you may take some trial and error, but there are definitely things that you can do to shorten the path to social success. Find your preferred medium, figure out which sites you like, and then just focus on one or two until you’re seeing results.

This way you don’t overload yourself and you don’t experience burnout.