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In digital marketing, it’s important that you get your target audience to engage with your website that could lead to a conversion. A conversion for you might mean buying a product or a service, joining your email newsletter list, or simply contacting you. With e-commerce this is no different and it’s important to have a creative design that catches the attention of your audience within a couple of seconds.

If you have an e-commerce store and are interested in optimizing your conversion rate, you have to understand that to achieve this you have to focus on building trust with your target audience. A credible, trustworthy design will outsell an over the top creative design. Your e-commerce store is your business online. Treat it the same as you treat a normal business.

Find a couple of tips below to enhance the design of your e-commerce store to improve your conversion rate.

E-commerce conversion tips

Professional design: The design of your online store should be professional. The design of your store should instil trust and confidence in your brand. If it looks like a circus, expect people to treat it as such.

Banners: Use optimized banners on your store with banners of products or services that you offer. When using rotating banners, focus on optimizing the first banner in the sequence as this will be the first image your visitors will see. Don’t use banners that take long to load as this can have a direct effect on your organic rankings. Page speed does count for SEO.

Wide layout: Use a wide layout in your e-commerce store as a narrow layout means the user has to scroll more to find what they are looking for.

Category lists: Avoid showcasing all of your categories and subcategories on the navigation of your website or the sidebar. It’s impossible to focus if you have 30 or more categories. Use the main categories in the navigation with dropdowns or exanding menus to browse deeper. Reduce the number of options your visitors have to choose from.