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To create an optimized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) recommendation report should always be the first step for any business when they start with an internet marketing campaign to boost their presence on the web. A professional Search Engine Optimization company should always start their campaign with a detailed recommendation report before any website optimization and SEO can be done.

The SEO recommendation report must include a thorough SEO audit to check if there are any problems with your website that could negatively impact your website rankings online.  This should then be followed by a detailed analysis of potential keywords and key phrases that can be used in the content of your campaign.  This report can become the basis for recommending what type of Search Engine Optimization should be applied on your site.

Here’s a couple of tips on what you can include in your recommendation report

SEO recommendation report

Technical errors: The technical problems and errors are the things that will prevent your website from getting good rankings on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). This could be a site built with frames, a site with only graphics, none or little text, all flash website, etc. This can also include spamming methods on your site such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, etc.

Keywords: The Search Engine Optimization company you are using should know and give you a report on the the keywords and key phrases that you can use in your campaign.  This should show how competitive these keywords are, what their search are for the day, local keywords, etc.

Website review: The website itself should also be included in the report. This must show the number of pages that are indexed, title tags, current traffic volume, website SEO information, and the number of pages that should be optimized on your website..

This SEO recommendation report will allow your SEO company to accurately recommend the level of SEO that must be done on your website for the best results. This should not just be a one time process, but include recommendations for monthly SEO as well.

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