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There are still many small businesses, internet marketing agencies, and online marketers that believe the best way to create valuable content is to do some keywords research and write a steady stream of articles in hopes that your organic search engine rankings will improve. Maybe they will at some point, but I usually don’t recommend this content strategy.

A far better way is to create the content that will be useful for the audience you would like to reach. It really doesn’t have to be hardcore keyword driven, or even focused on a specific niche, it just have to be relevant and useful. For example, let’s say you have a pharmacy. Instead of producing lame and boring content about your medical products, and how useful they are (if you are sick you need them anyway), why not produce valuable content that will be helpful for people?

Here are a some types of valuable content that a pharmacy could create that would be helpful:

  • Common symptoms of various sickness symptoms
  • Ways to stay healthy for the given month/season
  • Why you should regularly visit your doctor

Be creative with your content

This list can really carry on forever. Your individual content items can be optimized around certain keywords that are associated with its content, but why not use “pharmacy” keywords and bore your network and audience to death? Think of something creative that your audience will find beneficial. After all, everyone needs a pharmacy from time to time so your audience is very broad.

By producing relevant and interesting content that goes way beyond keywords associated with pharmacies, you can increase your organic traffic based on the content that you publish.