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Too many online marketers and search engine optimization people forget that their real target audience isn’t robots, but real people. If your content marketing campaign is loaded with content that doesn’t make sense because it’s full of keywords written specifically for robots, I can tell you now, your online marketing campaign won’t work.

If you have quality content that entertains your target audience, you can weave selected keywords in your content so that it looks natural. This will help you reach two audiences – your target audience and the search engines.

Using quality and original content in your search engine optimization campaign is key if you want to attract visitors to your website and make them take an action. It will also help you improve and maintain your organic rankings. After all, content is king in the eyes of Google, but not just any content, content that is written by people for people.

Using keywords with content marketing

With your content marketing, use selected keywords naturally to draw in your audience and guide them on what they should do next. Use the keywords in your headings, sub headings, and links to draw attention. Writing content for search engine optimization is so much more than just writing blocks and blocks of text. It must and should always be written for humans. If people find your content interesting, the search engines will as well because they will notice more people are visiting your website to find new content.

The search engines works with keywords. People are using keywords to find what they are looking for. Can your content help them? Engage with your audience by grabbing their attention with your content. For your online marketing campaign to be successful, you need to focus on attracting visitors and search engines by only using engaging content that answers the questions of your audience.