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Writing content for your online marketing campaign is completely different than writing for traditional print. Online content should be to the point and discuss a specific topic briefly. This should be done by using shorter sentences, paragraphs, and sub headings to make important parts stand out.

Google’s algorithm has changed tremendously over the last couple of years, but one thing has always stayed the same. Content is king and it will always be because content feeds the internet.  Find a couple of tips below on writing awesome content for your online marketing strategy.

Content writing tips

It’s always about your audience: Don’t write for everyone, because then no one will come. Write content specifically for your target audience. What interests them? What are they looking for online? Look at the analytics of your website and review which pages are generating the most traffic. Can you create more of the same content?

What problems are your visitors experiencing? People will come to your website because they are looking for answers or solutions. Understand what these people are concerned about and answer them through your content. Once you understand their needs and wants, you can craft your content specifically for them.

Optimise your headlines: Every headline on your website should be written to gain attention. Your headlines should describe your content and should entice your visitors to read further. Create attention grabbing headlines on every piece of content you create.

Call to actions: Every page on your website should be tied into your sales funnel and guide your visitors on the next step they should take. Every page and piece of content that you produce on your website and blog should be tied to a specific call to action on what you want your visitors to do after they have read your content. If they don’t know what they should do next, they will leave and you will lose the opportunity to convert that specific user.