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Social media is growing bigger everyday and it is really not just a “trend” anymore. It is becoming a business requirement in the world of digital marketing and engaging with targeted audiences on the web. Being socially active online is all about communication and engaging with your community. This is something that many businesses are looking for in today’s digital active world.

Everyday new social media channels are launched all featuring the core principle of Web 2.0 – community driven. When looking at all the available social media channels, which ones are you going to use in your social media marketing campaign to engage with the audience you want to reach?

Here’s a couple of ways you can use social media to communicate.

Communicate with social media

Blogging: A business blog is an excellent vehicle that will allow you to communicate with your business crowd on the web. Your business blog allows your business to have a daily active voice that can build up a nice flow of steady traffic to your website and other online profiles.

Sharing is caring: Your website and blog should be able to allow your visitors to share your information with their own network by adding sharing features to your content. Sharing is a very important method in growing a business online and many times you simply need to enable sharing on your websites for others to do it.

Facebook like: Facebook is an excellent channel for brand building and it is also sporting with the biggest member base. Add a Facebook “like” box to your website and it will slowly build up with loyal fans interested in what you have to say.

Twitter: It is very easy to implement a Twitter stream on your website that will show your Tweets and give your visitors the opportunity to follow you directly on Twitter.

YouTube: If you have some company videos sitting somewhere in an archive, upload them to YouTube and place them on your website for everyone to see. YouTube can deliver enormous amounts of traffic which can allow your account to stimulate some social engagement online.

Having a social media presence in today’s digital lifestyle is very important in order to move forward into the future. Being social has become the norm with digital marketing and it is something being sought after by many online audiences. Consumers online wants to see a business being social and engaging with them because it shows personality and the branding side of business.