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If you have heard that by adding a blog with updated content to your website you can increase your organic rankings on the search engines – you have heard correctly. How are you going to pick the best blog topics to write about that will add value to your business? What you are going to publish on your blog should always be something that will interest your target audience and yourself as well. Choose the best topics that will satisfy yourself and your target audience.

What is the purpose of adding a blog to your website? Is it just going to serve as an update portal for the latest news concerning your industry or business? Are you going to use it to generate leads or sales? Do you want to educate your audience? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you start your blogging journey as it will guide you on the topics you are going to publish on your blog.

Which topic to choose?

For your target audience: Many times you will most likely want to attract the best audience that could potentially purchase your services or products. Start your blogging journey by asking what topics would interest them or convince them to buy?

If you sold websites, then you want to choose a topic that interests new business owners either before or when they are looking to get a website. You could create a blog that showcases some of the websites you have sold previously and provide them with ideas on what their website should contain when starting out.

If you sold real estate, then you want to choose a topic that focuses on not only the property you are selling, but also everything surrounding the property such as the area, local malls, public transport facilities, etc.

For yourself: You always need to select a blog topic that you find interesting as well. You are committing resources, effort, and time so it should really tap into what you like. If you choose a blog topic that you are not interested in but makes sense for your business, then you will most likely abandon your blogging journey after a couple of months. Blogging is not a simple push a few buttons and be done with it strategy. It takes commitment to get the best results and that is why it’s so important to choose a topic that you are really passionate about.