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If you are a startup or releasing a new business product or service, did you know that by adding a blog to your marketing mix you can establish yourself as the industry expert in your niche? By adding a blog to your website you can increase and maintain your organic rankings on Google by regularly publishing industry related content that your target audience will find interesting. If you are interested in this, which blogging platform should you choose for your blogging efforts?

Should you choose a blogging platform hosted on a free service or on your own domain? Which blogging platform should you use? There are many blogging channels available like WordPress.com and Blogger.com where you can start blogging immediately by registering an account and start blogging. In my experience, WordPress is the best because if you want to use a free service, you can start blogging on WordPress.com immediately. If you want to host your own blog, you can also download WordPress from WordPress.org.

Why do I favour WordPress?

WordPress: This is a free platform but it offers two versions that you can use for blogging. If you want to use the free version, register an account on WordPress.com. If you want to host it on your own domain or make it part of your website, download it for free on WordPress.org. With this blogging platform, you can complete control over the functionality of the blog. This platform also boasts with one of the largest open source communities in the world.

Why I don’t support Blogger

Blogger: This blogging platform is owned by Google and it’s free. It’s a really great platform when you are starting out with blogging, but the problem is that you are limited as there are no way that you can physically modify the software that runs on blogger.com

Adding a blog to your website is a great way to add keyword rich content on a regular basis that can attract natural links to your website, and increase the overal brand awareness of your business. Start blogging today by downloading WordPress. You won’t regret it.