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Internet marketing is all about creating awareness and visibility for your website or blog online by placing content in front of the right people at the right time. Blog marketing is a method of using a blog as the medium to achieve this. If you want to reach and interact with potential prospects, blogging is definitively a powerful way your business can achieve this.

Online you will find businesses that are using their blogs to attract new customers and to build up their brand. Blog marketing is done with a purpose and is usually focused if you want to get results. Your blogging campaign and journey begins by choosing a topic and information that your target audience and readers will find interesting and that they will read. A business blog allows you to engage directly with the audience you are after.

Blog marketing = educational based marketing

Using educational based marketing is where the power of a blog can be useful for your business. With educational based marketing, you sharing your expertise, advice, and your opinions. Blogs should not be directly about selling your products and services, and should be used for interacting and branding. Blogs are also performing at their best when they are integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

The sole job of your business blog is to attract interested readers. Blogs can also serve as a link magnet that attracts inbound links if you publish original, engaging, and interesting blog posts. Bloggers will then be able to carry on the conversation and content on their own blogs and usually reference your content. Adding this type of content to your website is a natural link building method that Google loves because these backlinks will not only help your blog, but can also help you with the organic rankings of your website.

Websites are passives and blogs are active. Blogs are broadcasting their content online via RSS every time a new item is published. Websites have to wait to be discovered and can take a long time for the search engines to pick it up. Blog marketing is definitively a smart way to start marketing your business online.