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In our hectic digital lifestyles at work, business blogging is not a simple “nice to have”, but a “must have”. A good business blog can bring in all the required attention to your business, attract targeted visitors, and can be the center point of your internet marketing strategy.

Blogging is not a simple write your first post and see instant results. Many first time bloggers gets disappointed at this. The same with any other online marketing initiative, you require a dedicated strategy to see results. Find below a couple of mistakes new bloggers tend to make when starting to blog.

Business blogging mistakes

Strategy: If you have a business blog, it needs a clear strategy and a direction as to what you want to achieve with your business blog. What can users expect when they arrive to your blog? Having an optimized blogging strategy will help you stay focused and on par on what you want to achieve with your blogging initiative.

Press center: Don’t use your business blog as a press center. Blogging should never be used for over self promotion, but rather as a medium to engage with your readers and network. The bottom line is that you should never use your blog to only publish press release style content. Use original and relevant blog post that your readers will find interesting. Of course you can use your blog to write about your products and services, just do it with a conversational style.

Encourage conversation: Business blogging gives your business the opportunity to engage and connect with your customers and future clients. Always be sure to reply to any comments on your blog even if they are negative. Participate around the web on other blogs and leave comments within your industry niche.

Update regularly: It is important to update your blog on a regular basis. Whether you do this daily, once or twice a week, make sure that your blog is always fresh. This is very important that should never be neglected.

Make your blog discoverable: No matter how well your blog is, it will never get targeted readership unless it is well linked and easy to discover. Promote your blog by linking to it from your social media profiles and your website.