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Over the last few years competition online has grown tremendously with new businesses popping up everywhere. This is also due to economic reasons where more businesses are trying to find ways to run their business cost effectively. One of the ways many are tackling the competition online is by launching various internet advertising campaigns which includes blogging, social media, and paid advertising.

In my experience, one of the best and easiest ways to increase brand awareness is social media marketing on popular social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are great platforms that you can use to announce new products and services. If you are looking to attract new clients and to generate qualified traffic, blogging is definitely the best answer. Blogging not only helps attracting qualified visitors, but it can also help extend your reach to any corder of the world. Also to note is that blogging is the heart of any social media campaign as you can publish your blog post and share it on all the channels that you are currently using. When done properly, it can also fuel your search engine optimisation campaign.

How to start a blogging campaign

Creating a blog is the easy part and there are many stable platforms that you can use such as WordPress and Blogger. I prefer WordPress because it’s easy to use and has much more functionality than just a blog, but any platform will do to get you started.

If you are going to create a blog purely for marketing purposes, it’s important that you publish new content regularly. The content that you publish should be aimed specifically for your target audience. What questions are they asking? What solutions are they seeking? Answer these questions and it will provide you with enough topics to blog about.

If you are struggling to find time with writing new blog posts, you should consider outsourcing your blogging efforts to an internet marketing agency as ourselves with years of blogging experience. Let us help you get your blogging strategy off of the ground and start building your online business.