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If you are busy with a social media marketing strategy, did you know that “social media” doesn’t mean “spamming”? It’s social so it should be treated socially. You don’t go to a networking event and spam the living daylights out of your business, brands and products.

Social media marketing should always be about sharing and creating valuable and unique content on various social media channels you are using for your business. It’s about engagement and building your presence online.

Online you will find many people and businesses spamming the social method and spamming is really not just limited to email marketing. Avoid the following social media spamming techniques at all costs.

Social media spamming

Message spam: Never ever send unsolicited messages on any social media channel. This is the easiest way to get people to ignore your message completely. Facebook spamming is become a very big problem in regards to this.

Twitter messages and mentions: This happens mainly by following a large group of people with the aim to build up your follower list. Yes a bigger follower list looks good, but it’s a vanity metric and should be taken with a grain of salt. Always focus on quality over quantity.

Spam profiles: Never create social media profiles and filling up your profile with links. Why will anyone click on your profile if it’s filled with links and really doesn’t provide any value?

Comment spamming: This is mostly spam taking place on blog posts by commenting with the hopes of generating links. Why would I want to place your spammy links on my blog when I’m adding value to my community?

Splogs: These are complete blogs with the aim of generating spam blog posts, comments and links in the hopes to generate search engine rankings. If you are doing this, your website will be caught by Google’s web spam team and removed from the index.