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Getting website traffic is good. Getting website traffic that doesn’t convert isn’t good at all. The goal with your website and blog is to attract targeted visitors that are motivated enough to take an action. Simply attracting lots of visitors shouldn’t be your goal. What can you do if your website is attracting lots of visitors, but they are not converting into sales or leads?

Could it be the traffic you are generating or your website? Are you attracting the wrong kind of visitors or is your website not designed well enough to convert your visitors? Start by looking at the overall design of your website. Put yourself in your visitors shoes. Within a couple of seconds, can you understand what is the focus point of your website? Is the navigation clear?

Another way you can find what could be the problem is to look at your visitor stats. Look at which keywords are used to browse to your website, how much time they are spending on your website, and the bounce rate.

Website visitor optimization

Keywords: If the keywords that are used to search for your website is not relevant to your business, rewrite your content or optimize your website with the correct keywords an phrases. Which keywords are used by visitors that spends the most time on your website? These keywords are the ones you should put all your focus on.

Time spent on site: Is your website content interesting and unique? Which pages are attracting the most visitors that spends the most time on? These are the best pages on your website. Which pages are not viewed at all or have the shortest time? Optimize these.

Bounce rate: The bounce rate is the percentage of users that leaves without visiting another page on your website. Usually, these people leave directly from the page they arrived on. A low conversion rate usually has a high bounce rate as well. Focus on improving your bounce rate.

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