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If you have a smartphone or a tablet which I’m sure you have one, did you know there are thousands of apps available on the iTunes App store and the Google Play store? There are many and more are currently being developed and launched everyday. From Games to tools to automate your lifestyle, if you are in need of something, most likely there will be an app for it.

If you have your own business app for your business, how on earth are you going to get your app notices amongst the thousands of other apps available? How are you going to stand out from your competition? With clever internet marketing you can start with app marketing. Find a couple of tips below to help you get started with app marketing.

App marketing tips

Branding: What problem are you trying to solve? Answer this question by telling a story. Reach out to your target audience and explain how to use your app in real life. Don’t just focus on the benefits. Tell a catching story with your app.

App store description: Make your app stand out by using an optimised app description. What unique features makes your app different? Explain these in the description.

Your website: Don’t just advertise on your website. Create a brand new website with blogging features where you can explain everything regarding the app as well as links where interested users can download the app. Regularly publish blog posts on the updates, features, and how people are using it in real life.

Social media: Market your app via social media so that you can get people talking about it to build exposure for the app. Use Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote your app. Focus on engaging on selected forums where it will make sense to mention your app to interested participants.

Reviews: Make a point of getting reviews on your app. People like to read what others experienced whiled using your app. If all your reviews are bad, time to change your app. If the reviews are good, let the world know.