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Did you know that “keywords” are not just used in the meta content of a page? They are primarily used for your website visitors that are searching for solutions, products, services or information. Keywords are used on the search engines and how people are searching for you. They can consist of one or more keyword phrases that people type into their favorite search engine when they are looking for answers. Once you have selected your keywords, what are you going to do with them?

Firstly, targeted visitors will arrive to your website or blog and search for clues that they have arrived at the right place. These people typed in keywords to find you so these keywords need to be present when they arrive to your site. They expect to see the same keywords to be visible on the page that they have arrived on. Where are they going to look?

Your visitors will read the page headlines, look through the navigation, and might even read the first paragraph of the page to find any hints of the keywords. All of this happens in a couple of seconds, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, they will return to the search results and browse to another website that might help them.

How are you going to keep them on your website and provide them with the best solution?

Website keywords

Keywords: Each website page that you have should have one primary keyword where you focus on. Of course you can have a couple of secondary keywords that are very closely related, but a website page should only be focused around one main keyword phrase. Too many phrases and you will not get good results.

Headlines: Use keywords in the headlines of your pages and subheading to communicate your message and to describe what the page is about. If a visitor sees their search phrase, they will spend more time reading and become interested.

Links: Include your main keyword phrase in links around your website content to provide more value to the most relevant page targeting those phrases.

Don’t overdo it: Your website and all the website pages are written to convince. You can’t convince if your writing is forced and unnatural. Use keywords and keyword phrases about 3 times on a page. Always include the main keyword phrase in the first few sentences of the first paragraph and use it at the end of the page.

Many times you will find beginners stuffing their website content with keywords in the hopes to get the best results. This makes the content very hard to read and you might lose visitors.