Is your business Cyber Security Protected?

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Your social media marketing campaign and Twitter strategy has everything in place.  You have solid goals, boast a good Twitter profile, engage with your clients, and you even know the ins and outs of your targeted audience and when you should be tweeting to them.

You think you have it all covered right? Twitter is one of the most active Web 2.0 channels in the social media space and it needs to be monitored closely. Businesses using Twitter as a part of their marketing mix should have solid social media monitoring processes in place.  Why? Find a couple of tips below on how you can benefit from having the right monitoring and measurement processes in place.

Twitter monitoring process

Between all the noise, Twitter is where most of the conversation takes place:  The real-time nature of Twitter makes it all the more important for businesses to monitor the influence of their brand authority and measure the impact of their messages. Most people who want to talk about a brand take to Twitter because it is the best platform to start a trending topic that could go viral using #hashtags. If you are not on Twitter listening, you could be missing out on important information about your business and brand.

Spam: While your company’s authority on Twitter continues to grow, the possibility of unintentionally spamming users increases.  Actively listening to your network and finding out what type of content they are interested in will prevent you from spamming them with irrelevant tweets.

Decision making: When it comes to deciding between various social media channels, digital marketers are mostly spoilt for choice and are not sure which channel will work the best for their campaign. Always analyze the conversations taking place and find out which channel will have the most impact on your campaign. If Twitter is not where you should be, then this channel is probably not yielding you desired results.