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Social media is still a buzz word to many even though it has been around for quite a while. The digital world keeps on evolving everyday and using social media marketing with your marketing campaigns and business strategies adds a new level of engagement between your business and your customers.

With all the hype going on around social media, only having profiles on popular social media channels doesn’t mean you are active on the social web. There are many businesses that are jumping on the social media bandwagon with the hopes of increasing their brand awareness online and then suddenly stop with all their effort. This could be due to time constraints or simply just not knowing what to say on the social web.

The reason this happens to many companies is because they approach social media without an optimized social media marketing strategy. It’s the same as talking at a presentation with a potential world wide audience and not knowing what on earth you are going to say to them. Anyone sitting at your presentation would probably leave, and tell all their friends and connections to avoid you by all means.

How do I start a social media marketing strategy?

The answer to that question is really up to you on how far you want to take your campaign, but if you want to produce results with your efforts, you need a strategy together with a magnetic content marketing plan. Magnetic content and social media go hand in hand. Good content encourages engagement. Social media is purely a channel to get the content to your target audience, where they want it, whey they want it. Pretty powerful.

If you want all your effort and time with your social media campaign to be successful, it’s important that you publish magnetic content that is educational, unique, fresh, original, and high quality. Put yourself in your customers shoes. What do they want to find out? What will help them make an informed decision? Why would they share your content with their own connections?

Don’t just create your social media profiles because everyone is doing it. Be active on the social web. Your target audience expects it.